December 12, 2016

An Open Letter to our Valued Customers:

As you are now probably now aware we have decided to exit the Resort and Land Lease Development Business.

We started our journey 12 years ago while our children, Taylor and Jackson were 2 and 3 years old. Our original plan was to work hard for 10 years during their early childhood so we could spend more time with them during their very formidable teenage years. Now 13 and 14 we have realized that our successful development of Nestle In Resort, The Heron's Landing and Glenway has come with a cost in that we have lost balance in our personal and professional lives.

Although we thought the workload would get lighter and we would get more time with our family we found that we continue to give more to the businesses than we do to each other and/or our children. Therefore our lives required a dramatic change. This coupled with some other issues and our simple desire to spend more time at "home" has made this decision for us.

It was not an easy decision as we treat these businesses like our children and have spent a lot of time and energy ensuring they are successful. This was not a decision we took lightly and a decision we know will come with a fair amount of regret. However, inaction would cost us future health and happiness too which we are not prepared to sacrifice.

We both wanted to tell each of you personally but given the confidentiality surrounding the sale of these properties we were not permitted to do so until closing.

Having a meeting afterward would be simply too hard as this has been a very emotional and tiring period and experience for us.

Some of you will be mad, some will be sad, some will be happy, some will not care but we hope all of you understand why we needed to make this change.

With respect to the transition to the new ownership group, billings and credits we will leave that for another letter to follow shorty. This was simply a message to say thank-you for being our client, thank-you for wanting to make our property your getaway and thank-you for your understanding. We will ensure to stop in and see you after the season begins.

Lastly, we would like to thank ALL of our staff and ALL members of the social committee and their volunteers that supported us through this journey. But most importantly we would like to recognize the contributions and commitment of Ken Mitrenga, Steve Trethewey, Nancy Paffrath, Clinton Gordon and Liam Shanks. Your support and friendship through the years will stay with us forever. In relation to our employees they will remain on and continue to offer you the same level of professional support they always have.

Sincerely and with a very heavy heart . . .

Jay, Heidi, Jackson and Taylor