We are open for the 2016 Season!
Please remember the following:

1. Driving In: Try and stay off your lot and common areas as as the ground water is still high and you will put ruts in your lot.

2. Contract, Payment and Insurance Renewals are required prior to your Access Card being authorized.

3. Boats: The Storage Area will locked so if you have a boat and are bringing it up please see the office for access to this area.

4. Garbage: Each year lessees bring up new BBQ's, Furnitre, Etc and then dump there old stuff in the Garbage Bins. Please note these Bins are designated for "household waste" ONLY and not for "ANYTHING" else. (i.e Chairs, TV's Water Coolers, etc). If recorded dumping you will be charged a minimum $250.00 as we are now back charged from the City. If you have items other than household waste City Dump Hours are available in the office. Metal items can still be left by your site number on Sunday night's free of charge.